"Children deserve our very best. Everything else flows from this premise."                                    --Marni McGee

         CURVE OF MOON

If I could feed your hunger

it would be like honey on my tongue

To stop your shivers with a woolen robe

would be for me like sunshine

warming my arms and back

If I could give you water, clean

and pure to drink

it would feed a spring of joy inside


I'd never be the same again


To help you stay alive

I'd reach across ten thousand miles

to dry your tears and feel

their wetness on my cheeks

To know that you are safe would be

like sliding down the curve of moon

like handstands on the points of stars

like dancing with the dolphins

laughing in the spray of surf

inside a whirl of wind


and life and death and you and I

will never be the same again.

            Marni McGee


Marni McGee is the author of 21 books for children, with more in press. Her work has been published in 16 countries and languages. Her poetry has appeared in Cricket, the Magazine for Children and in the anthologies of the late Myra Cohn Livingston. 

Marni believes that writing for children is an extraordinary privilege because children are the most important people in the world. They hold our future and our hope.


Grant me no more

than a cleft in the wall,

a stone

that will yield to my touch.

Grant me no more

than a shaft of light,

a glow

to my face as words slip through

to eyes and hands unseen. 

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