The Colt And The King

Illustrated by John Winch. Published by Holiday House.

Amazon Customer Review:
“I don't know of any other picture books specifically about Palm Sunday, but if there are any I'm sure none as beautiful and moving as this one. Sometimes in books for children, the art alone makes the book worth buying. That's certainly true here, but this one knocks you out with the words, too. They're gentle and musical and powerful. I'm not a religious person, but this book is on my shelf for keeps. Every kid should have it.”

Elegant and Eloquent
By Mary Hanson
hreads of love and joy are woven into this Palm Sunday tale, told through the eyes of a young colt called upon to carry a king. The animal is fearful when he is led through noisy streets to the olive grove. But Jesus comforts him: "In his voice was a river of quiet; in his touch a shelter of peace." His fear leaves him and he knows, then, that he is bearing a true king on his back in the triumphal procession into Jerusalem. Evocative and richly detailed illustrations in warm Mediterranean hues accompany the tale – creating places, creatures, and moments so real that readers can almost touch them. Together, Marni McGee and John Winch have created an elegant and eloquent book.