Marni McGee

Marni McGee grew up in North Carolina in a home full of books, music, and laughter. Many of her stories are drawn from the well of her childhood memories and family stories. She went to Agnes Scott College, a women's college in Georgia and then transferred to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where she graduated with "Highest Honors in English." From there, she went to Yale Divinity School, where she earned a "Masters of Arts in Religion" degree. While at Yale, she met her husband-to-be, Sears, who was in the graduate school of history. They married in 1966 and were soon on their way to England where Marni taught at the American School of London and Sears began his historical research and writing.

After living in London for two years, Marni and Sears moved to Statesboro, Georgia and then to the University of California in Santa Barbara, where Sears devoted himself to teaching, mentoring and research. His magnum opus, a biography of Sir Simonds D’Ewes, is the result of 15 years work and was published in spring of 2015 by Stanford University Press. The McGees have two wonderful children, Liz and Claude, now grown, and four precious grandchildren: Kai, Benton, Nami and Peter. 



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