The Ancient Roman World

Published by Oxford University Press.
Marni McGee & Ronald Mellor, Professor of History at UCLA.  

Every chapter comes alive with the ancient-but-still-speaking voices from the ancient world.  These books take the reader to vividly rendered cities, farms, and towns and into the daily rounds of the people who lived there. The characters whom we meet there are from all walks and stations of life -- from kings and generals to common laborers, from philosophers to schoolboys and working girls.


A collection of eight individual books that provide a global perspective to the study of ancient history. Each book in the series is written by a scholar of the ancient civilization paired with an experienced writer of nonfiction for young people. Through these little "writing marriages," Oxford University Press has created dynamic, lively volumes that are absolutely accurate and up-to-date. The authors were told:  "Don't make anything up, but make it read like fiction!"

This 8-volume series includes teacher and student guides, all of which may be purchased from Oxford University Press.