Sleepy Me

Illustrated by Cee Biscoe. Published by Little Tiger (UK) with soft, padded covers.

From the text:

"Sleepy hug. Sleepy sighs.
Sleepy Dad will kiss my eyes.

Sleepy me, sleeping tight.
Sleeping till the morning light.
Sleepy, sleepy me!"



A Bedtime Classic
by L. B. Mendel
"The gentle, rhyming text and the beautiful illustrations in "Sleepy Me" are guaranteed to lull even the crankiest little one toward the Land of Nod."


This book lulled us to sle-e-eeep
by Antonia Allegra
"My grandson and I loved this book. Beside having the lulling quality of well-chosen words, the book has a way of closing sleepy eyes. The story is reminiscent of "Goodnight Moon," another favorite. We think it is destined to be a classic – in our house and beyond."

By a reader 
"A lovely lullaby – in book form – that will ease even the most wide-awake toddlers into dreamland, a modern-day GOOD NIGHT MOON, with a simple, lyrical rhyme and charming illustrations."


SLEEPY ME is avialable from its UK publisher, Little Tiger (, local bookstores or