Diego Columbus Adventures on the High Seas

Illustrated by Jum Hsieh. Published by the Fleming H. Revell Company and by Weekly Reader Book Club.

Read about the elder son of Christopher Columbus, a boy who was 12 years old at the time of his father's first voyage. Although it is historical fiction, it is based upon an astonishing body of fact. We know a great deal about Diego -- where he was and what he was doing as his father prepared to cross the Atlantic -- in search of the Far East. Fortunately, there are intriguing GAPS in what we know, and that's when the writing gets FUN!

The book asks -- and answers – these questions:  If you were the son of Christopher Columbus and he was about to embark on his great voyage, what would you want to do?  (GO, of course.) And if you were Christopher, what would you say to your son?  (NO, of course.) This is Diego's story, a weaving of fact and fiction.

Diego Columbus Adventures on the High Seas is out of print. You can find it on sites such as Amazon, BookFinders and AbeBooks.