A Song In Bethlehem

Illustrated by Jason Cockcroft. Published by Knopf.

More than just another Christmas story:  
"When I opened this book, I was expecting it to be just another rendition of the Christmas story, but by the time I finished, I was surprised. It was much more than that. A SONG IN BETHLEHEM teaches us about forgiveness and faith. But the most important lesson I got from the book is the importance of kindness and compassion. In the book, Naomi steals a coin from the Holy Family in the stable. She is caught, and when the father (Joseph) realizes she is a child – and a hungry child at that – he gives her food to eat instead of throwing her back into the cold. He allows her to see and to sing to the newborn baby who is Jesus. When the family leaves the stable, he gives Naomi the flute that changes her life.

A Song In Bethlehem is available through booksellers like Amazon, AbeBooks and BookFinders. It is now available as a Kindle Edition.