Bear Can't Sleep!

Illustrated by Sean Julian. Published by Little Tiger (UK) and Tiger Tales (US)

It’s winter, and all the animals in the forest are getting ready for the coming snow. Fox is gathering wood for fires, and Owl and Squirrel are busily making jam. Suddenly a huge, grumbly Bear appears and heads for an empty cave. It’s time for Bear to sleep, but he has trouble falling asleep. Oh, how he howls and growls! He scares the other animals. “That bear sounds angry!” they cry. “What if he comes after us?”

Of all the animals in forest, Patch the Hare is the only one who isn’t afraid. He thinks Bear might be hungry and decides to offer him some food. But then Patch learns what the real problem is, and he comes up with a clever way to help Bear get some much-needed rest!

BEAR CAN’T SLEEP! is a perfect story for bedtime – or anytime – with delightful illustrations, full of surprises and humor.