While Angels Watch

Illustrated by Tina MacNaughton. Published by Little Tiger (UK)

From the text:

"I've seen Angels play," said Hare. "They race with Fox and dark-eyed Deer. And when a whispering river speaks, Angels gather close to hear." 


Maybe my favorite kids book
By Daniele Bryson
"This book was purchased for my first daughter on her 1st Christmas and we are still reading it 6 years later. She’s had me read it almost every night for about a year and memorized the entire book. She sometimes recites it on long car rides. I love the story and the illustrations are incredible."

Beautiful book about angels in our lives through nature
By Chrisons
"We bought this book for our 2.5 years old daughter after her baby brother was stillborn. We were looking for a variety of books on death and angels and nature. While this book isn't about death, it is about angels and nature. The illustrations are beautiful! The story is lovely. It is a very comforting book to anyone who has lost a child and thinks of him/her as an angel. Our daughter is now 7 years old and we still like to read it from time to time. We like to think that our Noah is painting the sky beautiful colors too."

This will be your favorite children's book!
By Mommy Melissa 
"From the beautiful pictures to the spellbinding rhymes, this story paints the picture of how angels play a role in our lives. This will become your favorite children's book; it is one I read to my daughter every night and I never get tired of it. YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK!!!"

One of my favorites!
By A. Russell 
"I have given this book to so many people – not just to kids! The verse is beautiful and the illustrations are amazing. I always recommend it and everyone has loved it. Definitely a classic and a treasure."

This picture book should have won an award!
By J. Marie 
"I found this book many years ago . . .  When I opened it, I was amazed at the beauty between the pages of this book. The illustrations were out of this world. The writing was soft – it almost sang. . . .  Wonderful work!"


WHILE ANGELS WATCH  is available in paperback and hardcover from its UK publisher, Little Tiger (www.littletigerpress.com), local bookstores or Amazon.com.