The Noisy Farm

Illustrated by Alison Edgson. Published by Little Tiger / Good Books production.

From School Library Journal:
"A very quiet farmer doesn't speak throughout the day but bids a fond "goodnight" to all of his animals at bedtime. From an early morning rising that begins with a rooster's crow, he goes about the business of taking care of his land and creatures. All the while, the onomatopoeic sounds he makes as he works are highlighted in the appealing pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations. Going beyond animal calls, the author familiarizes youngsters with many different noises: the "Sizzle," "Bubble-de-blip," and "Gurgle" of breakfast being made; the "Click-clack" of the mower; and the "Whop-whop-bang" of a fence being repaired. This tale features smiling animals, sunshiny scenery, and an enviably contented man who enjoys his lot in life. With pictures bright and large enough to share with a group, this is a pleasant introduction to farm life and a variety of sounds".–Maryann H. Owen, Racine Public Library, WI

"Few will forget Old MacDonald Had A Farm whether we enjoyed it as children or made those moo, moos here and moo, moos there for our children. Personally, the oinks were my favorite. Well, there are just as many animal sounds to make young ones smile in THE NOISY FARM. . . .  Those who enjoy a giggle-provoking story won't be disappointed."

Cute New Book That Rivals 'Old MacDonald Had A Farm'
By Erika Sorocco
"The farmer awakes every morning to the sound of a rooster crowing. He begins doing his chores about the farm, staying quiet for the entire day, as he listens to the sounds around him. The oinking of the pigs, mooing of the cows, plink-plink of the milk dripping into the pail, and so much more. However, once night falls, and it's time for the farmer to head inside for a good night's sleep, he bids everything on his farm a kind farewell until tomorrow. . . . Very young readers will adore this book."

By Simon Bendle
"I've read Noisy Farm repeatedly to my three- and two-year-old sons since it arrived in the post. They know the words, they know the sounds, they can't get enough of it. A lovely little children's book."